Maca-EX? Maca Root Extract

Mac_powder_rootMaca-EX? is Botaniex’s proprietary Maca root extract. Maca’s high nutritional content has made it ideal for cultivation as food for thousands of years by natives. For centuries, natives to the Andes have used Maca to treat a variety of diseases ranging from anemia to tuberculosis. In high doses, Maca is also known to significantly improve sexual function and virility. Botaniex provides Maca extract made to the following specifications.

Product Name

Brand Name/Code


Maca Root Extract Maca-EX? 51

5:1 Extraction Ratio

Maca Root Extract Maca-EX? 101

10:1 Extraction Ratio

Maca Root Extract Maca-EX? 201

20:1 Extraction Ratio

*Customized specifications available upon request.


Maca is a root vegetable native to the high Andes and Peru. Dried Maca root has very high nutritional value that is similar to cereal grains and wheat, which makes it a valuable food source. It exhibits a flavour that is similar to butterscotch and when dried can be stored without deterioration for many years. The hypocotyl (root) of the Maca plant comes in a variety of colours, but all have very similar levels of dietary minerals such as calcium and potassium. Recent studies have also revealed Maca’s ability to act as an aphrodisiac.

Botanical Name Lepidium meyenii maca roots
Plant Family Brassicaceae
Part of Plant Used Root (Hypocotyl)


  • Increases libido and sexual performance
  • Boosts energy and physical endurance
  • Improves immune function
  • Helps achieve hormonal balance


There is ongoing research into the mechanisms of Maca extract, the complex nature of natural supplements makes it difficult to isolate and pinpoint only one active ingredient, it is more likely that the nutritional and chemical contents of Maca work synergistically together in order to promote better health and sexual performance. Sexual performance is one of the main measures of health, so Maca’s benefits are likely to extend far beyond simply improving sex drive. Studies on mammals including mice have indicated that maca increases the frequency of copulation, and in humans causes an increase in seminal volume and sperm count.


Maca is non-toxic and has been used as a food source for millennia, there is no route of administration through which its extracts may be harmful. Overdose is theoretically impossible as well. This means that Maca is perfectly safe to use as an additive to any food or supplement product.


Any appropriate dosage as required, varies from individual. Standard dosages range from 1500-3000mg/day

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