Management Team

Botaniex’s management team consists of the executive team and the board of advisors, and all of them are the elites with the global vision and rich experience of the concerned industry and/or the academic fields. Not only they provide Botaniex with the forward-looking concepts, but also offer the practical solutions to the problems that Botaniex encounters. The team is one of the sources of Botaniex’s competitive advantages.

Board of Advisors

Prof. Luo Guo-an – Chief Scientific Advisor

Mr. Luo is currently a Professor and Ph D Supervisor at the Chemistry Department of Tsinghua University, and he is also the Director of Traditional Chinese Medicine Section of The Department of Public Health of Hong Kong SAR starting from 2002. He is also the leader and instructor of the several key scientific projects of the Ministry of Science & Technology of PR. China.

Edward Lee, Ph.D. — Strategic Marketing Advisor

Mr. Lee is President & Chief Executive Officer of AIDP, Inc., which is one of the main stream supplier of herbal/botanical ingredients in the USA and whose annual sales of the extracts exceeds USD20 Mios. Mr. Lee is an innovative expert in business development.

Prof. Tan Guishan – Scientific Advisor

Mr. Tan is an expert of new drug development, currently he is a Professor of The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Central South China University and President of the School’s Research Center for Natural Pharmaceutical Ingredients

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