Ready to Drink Instant Tea Mixes

Bottled Tea

Our Ready to Drink Tea Mixes are instant tea formulations made with proprietary blends of Botaniex’s highly regarded tea extracts and flavouring agents expertly mixed by our in house flavorists. These highly soluble, easily transported, and customizable tea mixes were created with manufacturer goals in mind. Our cold water-soluble formulations allow for simple bottling and packaging with minimal agitation and no heating, making them ideal for minimizing costs and increasing consumer safety. Botaniex currently offers a substantial variety of tea types and flavours in its formulations to better suit the preferences of cultural and geographical palettes. Some of the flavours offered are listed below. Customized flavours are also available and can be developed in conjunction with our flavorists.


Instant Tea Mixes

  • Instant Energy Tea
    • Ginseng Black Tea
    • Ginseng Green Tea
    • Ginseng Oolong Tea
    • Ginseng Pu’erh Tea
  • Black Tea
    • Lemon Flavoured Ice Black Tea
    • Peach Flavoured Black Tea
    • Kiwi Flavoured Black Tea
    • Blueberry Flavoured Ice Black Tea
    • Pomegranate Black Tea
  • Green Tea
    • Apple Flavoured Green Tea
    • Luo Han Guo Green Tea
    • Kiwi Flavoured Green Tea
    • Mango Flavoured Green Tea
  • Flower Based Tea
    • Lychee Flavoured Rose Tea
    • Osmanthus Jasmine Tea
    • Honey Chrysanthemum Tea

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