Strategic Alliances

partnershipsTo maintain the sustainable competitiveness, Botaniex, since its coming into existence, has committed itself to building the strategic alliance with the research institutes and/or universities specializing in the study on natural products, health foods, and pharmaceuticals, and also with the leading manufacturers of herbal extracts, traditional Chinese Medicines, and dietary supplements. The strategic alliance has significantly enhanced the competitiveness of Botaniex and its partners in the following aspects.

  • The resources of the partners are fully optimized and extensively utilized, and the operational cost of the partners will considerably be reduced because of the synergy
  • It provides the partners a faster track for conceptualizing, developing and commercializing new products, therefore enables the partners to take advantages of competitors in the marketplace.

Below is part of Botaniex’s strategic partner list. (at the request of some partners, their names cannot be disclosed here


It is our sincere and strong hope to establish strategic partnership with more partners from every walk of life, and to strive hand in hand to make more contribution to the healthcare of human beings.

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