TongkatAli-EX? Tongkat Ali Extract

tongkat rootTongkatAli-EX? is Botaniex’s proprietary ratio based extract of Tongkat Ali. Tongkat Ali is native to many countries in Southeast Asia, it is was sought after for its folk medicinal value as well as its extreme bitterness. Of the many diseases that Tongkat has been prescribed for by the natives including malaria, tuberculosis, and even hypertension, the prevailing modern use for this plant is as a natural means of improving male sexual function. Due to its popularity as a male enhancer, there are many products that deceive consumers by listing Tongkat Ali as an ingredient while using synthetic drugs like sildenafil (Viagara) in its place, true Tongkat Ali extract is extremely bitter unlike imitation products. Botaniex provides Tongkat Ali Extract in the following specifications.

Product Name

Brand Name/Code


Tongkat Ali Extract TongkatAli-EX? 501

50:1 Extraction Ratio

Tongkat Ali Extract TongkatAli-EX? 1001

100:1 Extraction Ratio

Tongkat Ali Extract TongkatAli-EX? 2001

200:1 Extraction Ratio

*Customized specification available upon request.
Botanical Name Eurycoma longifolia tongkat ali
Plant Family Simaroubaceae
Part of Plant Used Root


  • Increases testosterone levels; prevents a variety of ailments including heart disease and Alzheimers
  • Male sexual performance, stamina, and sperm quality are improved
  • Prevents irritability, improves concentration and memory
  • Reduces cortisol levels improving stress response; less fatigue and better endurance
  • Slows aging
  • Accelerates weight-loss by improving ATP production


Most of the benefits brought upon the user by Tongkat Ali are snowball effects that originate from its ability to affect testosterone and cortisol levels. Testosterone levels across the male population in the 21st century are now lower than they ever have been in recorded history. Beyond being the main contributor to male sexual ability, this hormone moderates a plethora of other developmental functions and lowering levels have been implicated in weight-gain, stress, and cardiovascular problems in men. This makes Tongkat Ali especially relevant to the modern man. Although the mechanism by which it increases testosterone levels is still under research, its constituent eurypeptides are believed to release the hormone from its binding protein, leading to higher levels of free available testosterone for the body. Most importantly, the testosterone increase is due to increased production naturally, rather than through the direct use of testosterone creams or injects which lead to testicular atrophy as the body does not need to produce its own testosterone with those products. Studies have also shown that Tongkat Ali reduces levels of salivary cortisol, which is a hormone present in elevated levels when we are stressed. This stress reduction leads to better endurance in exercise as well as improving mood and attitude in stressful situations.


Tongkat Ali is generally safe for consumption, with dosage levels up to 1000mg/kg per day leading to no observed adverse effects. There are also no reported adverse effects with its use in human trials.


Typical dosage levels of Tongkat Ali call for 50-200mg/day

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